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Yanira Mendoza

Your Bilingual Divorce Coach
English  |  Spanish

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I have helped many people to let go of  limiting believes and showed them a way to a positive life. They have experienced positive results in every area of their lives just by changing the way they think. Remember, we all have the solutions to every problem in our hands, we just need somebody to challenge us to face the problem. 

Sadness and loneliness after a break up? For some people, divorce is similar to a loss of a loved one. There will be a period of mourning and hurt like a real death, but the good news is that it shall pass! Life will continue with or without the person that is gone. For those with children, the contact with the person who “hurt you” will remain for years to come whether we want it or not. Why not start to make the best of it now? A coach will teach you to deal with all of these emotions and prepare you for your new life. Let’s do it for the sake of our children.


Surviving divorce. Congratulations your divorce is over! Now what? Many of us think that when our divorce disputes are over all the problems end. Soon we realize that another set of problems arise. Insecurity, low self-esteem, anger, resentment, hopelessness are only a few of the issues that a single person/parent has to deal with.  Some situations are harder than others, but they all take you to the same road: independence, organization, strength and self-worth.  


Self-esteem. After a divorce or separation some clients feel unwanted, betrayed and unsure of themselves. My job is to help you bring clarity to your mind and guide you to see all the virtues and gifts you possess. We all have them, we just need someone to point at them. 


Guilt, regrets, grudges. It is ok to be happy no matter what had happened or what we have experienced in our lives before. We do not want to wake up one day and realize that we wasted a good part of our years dwelling over past hurts that people caused us or we may have caused to others. Life is happening now, not yesterday, not tomorrow but NOW.

A positive attitude will take you a long way. It is totally understandable that after going through a hard time you do not want to see life with a positive attitude. This is where I step in and coach you to new hopes and dreams just like a sports coach, I will push your limits until you reach your new goals. You are a winner!

Security and empowerment. Take your life back! We will start a journey together and unveil the tools you will need to take control of your life in every aspect. Stop saying yes even when you want to say no. Stop being pushed around. Stop letting other people make decisions for you. You will learn to take care of one issue at the time.

topics you can address with me as your coach:

• How to choose your attorney and what questions to ask


• How to cope with anxiety, fear, insecurity, and moving forward


• How to explain divorce to your children


• How to communicate with your spouse/former spouse


• How to get through the grief cycle and adjust to your new life 


• How to deal with self-esteem issues and gain confidence

Providing Emotional Support and Guidance Through Your Divorce Process and Difficult Times Since 1998.

“New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.”
— Lao Tzu


I am a family law attorney who met Yanira professionally. A few months ago one of my clients came in distraught and depressed about the fate of his marriage. As a lawyer, I have no training in the therapeutic areas but many of my clients are emotional in dealing with these important aspects of their lives. I sent this client to Yanira because I was honestly concerned he may self-harm. The next time I saw him, he was a changed man with a positive perspective on life. I believe she made a huge difference in his life and the lives of his kids. I will continue to refer to her!   — Stephanie Gonzales, Attorney

Rarely is anyone fully prepared to deal with all the phases of divorce. It doesn’t matter if you are the one initiating or responding.

How I Can Help You

A divorce changes our lives radically and having emotional support during this process is necessary since we go through a range of emotions that will affect our lives in many ways. My Coaching sessions will help you prepare to keep your balance during these difficult times and to face the future in an optimistic way. Another benefit of coaching is that by maintaining your emotional balance you will make better legal decisions that will positively impact the rest of your life.


Legal terminology is very confusing for many, I will help you understand your legal documentation including discovery, divorce decrees, child visitation schedules, child support, etc. I will explain each of the phases of your divorce and I will be with you throughout the process providing emotional support.  


In divorce cases already finalized, I will help you to close cycles, I will guide you to focus on your future in an optimistic way, giving you guidance and support after your divorce.

“Healing doesn’t mean the damage never existed,
it means the damage no longer controls our lives.“

— Akshay Dubey


Be empowered and develop a sense of control.

Be prepared for this life transition.  

Be ready to welcome a new and better life!

Contact me for a coaching session today.

Let’s heal your heart. 

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Call yanira mendoza today 713 884 0718



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