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Thanks to my long experience working in cases with clients going through divorces is easy for me to explain, in easy to understand terms, your divorce process. I can also help you read and understand documents given by your attorney. Documentation for many people is the most confusing part of the divorce process. With me as your coach you will get the benefits of guidance through your divorce process, help organizing documents as well as emotional support. Keeping your emotions under control while going through your divorce will help you to make better decisions. Composure is important when meeting with your attorney as you will need a clear head to make the right demands.



In many instances, we are too busy dealing with our own emotions without realizing the impact the divorce has in our children. Their world has changed too. If visitations are ordered after the divorce or separation the contact with an ex is inevitable and it will be there for years to come. I will provide you with tools and refer you to material of how to talk to your children about the situation. Also how to take control of your emotions to make the necessary efforts to “make nice” with your ex for the sake of our children. After all, they are the collateral damage in this situations and they have gone through enough in the process.



Unexpected events such death, divorce or separation bring changes to our lives. As your Coach, I will help you to implement methods to keep your life organized. In divorce cases, I can help you to organize documents that, in some cases, are required by your attorney. Working with a Life Coach could also help you save some money.



Congratulations, your divorce is over! Now what? Many of us think that when the divorce dispute is over all the problems end. Wrong. Soon we realize that another set of problems arise. Insecurity, low self-esteem, anger, resentment and hopelessness are only few of the issues that a single person/parent has to deal with after a divorce. Some situations are harder than others but they all help you to acquire: Independence, organization, strength and self-worth.



A break up is often compared with a death of a loved one as the person that once you trusted, loved and cherished is no longer there for you. There will be period of mourning and hurt, but just like when we overcome the death of a loved one, this one too shall pass! The sun shines every day and life does not stop when we do.  A positive attitude will give you positive results in life in general. As the steps become clear, you will gain more confidence and will smile about the future.



Limiting beliefs are engraved in our minds, fixed mind sets hold us back sometimes, especially, if your thoughts and actions are negative. I have helped many clients to let go of limiting believes and show them the way to a positive life. Having me as your Life Coach you will learn to foster a growth mindset to help you move through stressful situations. Life is beautiful and abundant when you finally find the key to unlock your happiness.



I will challenge you to follow through on effective action plans and guide you through any hurdles that may arise. As your coach, I will provide you solid emotional guidance that will help you to explore options and develop action plans that are in your best interest. Only you have the power to turn your life around and make positive changes in your life. I am looking forward to help you!



Results is the most evident benefits of coaching. By regularly meeting with your coach and taking the actions needed to meet your goals, you will likely find that you are able to meet your goals at a faster pace than if you are trying to navigate the process alone. The tools you’ll learn will empower you to take control of your life and use that knowledge time and time again!


Please note that I am a Life Coach specializing in divorce processes. I am not an attorney and I do not provide legal advice.

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