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when there is a fork in the road, I can guide your way. 


On our first session we will find out where you are and where you need to be. We will identify the areas in your life that you wish to improve and work on them. In divorces, we will analyze each situation so you may determine if it is a divorce what you are seeking.

If you have made your decision already, I will coach you on how to find your divorce attorney and the qualities to look for before hiring the person who will help you close a major life cycle.


As an experienced paralegal, I know how overwhelming it can be for clients to deal with the changes they are experiencing. On top of all that stress, in some instances, your attorney will request documents from you, in the legal world known as Discovery. With me as your coach, I will help you read, explain and organize the documents required. At the same time you will get guidance through the process and emotional support. My job is to keep you aware of your feelings so you will make decisions with a clear mind and not based on the emotion you are feeling at the time.


One of the things I have observed while working at the Law Firm is that after the divorce is done, clients struggle with feelings of defeat, guilt, anger, hopelessness, and many other negative and unhealthy emotions. It is totally normal to feel that way, especially, if you did not receive any professional help during your divorce process. This will be the time where everything starts to sync in, and the realization of the big change you just went through will hit you. Some people start their mourning process at the beginning of the divorce, others, when the divorce is finalized. It is never too late to seek help. Let’s start closing old cycles and focus on new dreams and goals.



Because they deserve

peace of mind.

What is Coaching?

My aim is to help and empower my clients to make, meet and exceed personal and professional goals. By implementing special techniques, based on core psychological principles and natural intuition, I provide clients with the tools to confidently face difficult situations, push past emotional barriers and eventually view life with fresh, hopeful and enlightened eyes.


How Divorce Coaching Works?

Goal setting and achievement are the focus of our sessions. In divorce cases, the goal is to navigate this transition with love, respect and dignity. Making sure your emotions are balanced so you can move on to your new life in “one piece,” create a better outcome and look forward to the future. Coaching requires a mastery of advanced communication and organization skills, coupled with experience, knowledge and a special commitment to help others thrive. Coaching is not about giving you the answers. It is really about helping you find your own answers. Coaching Sessions can also help you to make better decisions that directly impact your future and save you money on attorney’s fees.


How is Coaching delivered?

Coaching typically begins with a personal interview. A face-to-face meeting or a teleconference call is used to assess the individual’s current opportunities and challenges, define the scope of the relationship, identify priorities for action and establish specific desired outcomes. Subsequent coaching sessions may be conducted in person or over the telephone.


Sessions recommended

This will depend on what you want to achieve with your coaching. In order to achieve a major change, we look at smaller goals, that need to be reached on each session, to move you closer to your overall goal. For some people this may take as little as eight sessions, and for others it will be more. It is a very personal decision based on your individual goals.


Can I afford a Life Coach?

Absolutely! Every situation is different, so I offer different options according to your needs. You may find that single sessions are better for you at a determined moment depending on the goal. Package sessions will save you money! The more sessions you buy the more discount you will get. I also offer flat fees in Divorce cases because I commit to you for the duration of the process no matter how long this may take. A divorce, a separation, or loss of a loved one is a life changing event. No one should go through these situations alone.


Be part of my Divorce Recovery Program. For more information
or to make an appointment, contact me at: 
713 884 0718.


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